Foods To Avoid When Undergoing IBS Treatment

Living with irritable bowel syndrome can be a frustrating experience. This disorder tends to flare up in the least-appropriate situations, perhaps when you have a big pitch or an important meeting, and can prove debilitating to your professional and social life. Fortunately, IBS treatment has been developed to help manage this disorder and avoid having to deal with diarrhoea, stomach cramps and other terrible symptoms out of the blue. However, even when on IBS treatment, ingesting the wrong types of foods and drinks can end up triggering a flare-up and messing up your entire day! To prevent this from happening, here is a brief list of foods to avoid when undergoing IBS treatment:

Caffeinated products

When it comes to drinks, all caffeinated beverages are a no-no for IBS patients. Caffeine aggravates gastrointestinal problems and will typically lead to bouts of diarrhoea. If you are not at home, risking this by drinking coffee, energy drinks and so on can end up putting a downer on your day. If you want to boost your energy, you should consider healthier alternatives in the form of snacks or even good old exercise to get your blood pumping!

Dairy products

One unifying factor among dairy products is that they all contain a high degree of fats. If you have IBS, the fats in milk products will immediately trigger a flare-up, since it is likely that you suffer from lactose intolerance as well. Products such as yoghurt, cheese, milk and so on will worsen your IBS symptoms and potentially heighten the flare-up. A better option for you would be switching to milk alternatives such as almond, soy and more. While dairy is considered an essential dietary need for calcium, your doctor will provide you with supplementary solutions to ensure that you maintain good health.

Malted beers

Another seemingly harmless beverage that can exacerbate your IBS is alcoholic drinks. One thing some people take for granted is that a good number of individuals with IBS also happen to be gluten intolerant. While you may stay away from dough-based foodstuffs due to your lactose intolerance, beers containing malted barley will have an immediate negative effect on your stomach. When you suffer from gluten intolerance, it means your body has a tough time digesting the gluten in the alcohol. Moreover, the sugars in alcoholic drinks will also aggravate your IBS. Steer clear from alcoholic drinks such as cocktails, wines and beers due to their sugar, acidity and gluten content. Instead, consider the gluten-free varieties of beer.